WebSupplier 2DOC


Telema WebSupplier 2DOC product allows to receive e-orders and send e-invoices in Telema Portal. The product is meant for smaller suppliers, who have quite small document flow or an ERP software that is not capable of importing and/or exporting data.


Product functionality lets you receive orders and create invoices based on the order.

By choosing also Telema PDM (Product Data Management) product, it is possible to create invoices based on your own product and price data even without receiving the order.


  • Comply with your retailer's requirements — retailer demands EDI documents.
  • Allows to use EDI services even if:
    • your ERP software does not support electronic document exchange and/or
    • it is not reasonable to built an EDI connection into your software and/or
    • your company does not have an ERP software at all.
  • EDI transactions can be accessed via any broadband internet connection — enabling to process documents anytime or anywhere.
  • No additional software or hardware is needed to get started — potentially saving you upfront capital.

  • How it works?

        Telema WebSupplier 2DOC (without PDM)   Telema WebSupplier 2DOC + PDM

    • PDM - Manage your product and price data, e.g. in Excel, and upload the data manually to Telema
    • Receive and process sales order in Telema Portal
    • Receive and process sales orders in Telema Portal
    • Create and send sales invoices in Telema Portal only based on received orders
    • Create and send sales invoices in Telema Portal even without receiving the order



    Receive notification about arrived orders to email.

    View received orders in Telema Portal.


    Quickly create an invoice based on received order.

    Save invoice as draft.

    Print a packing list based on invoice draft.

    Send invoice to your partner — it will arrive to its recipient in a moment.

    Print the invoice to send it with goods delivery.


    View, search, print and save (in .pdf format) orders and invoices in Telema Portal.

    All documents are archived in Telema — accesible and viewable in Telema Portal — for 30 days.

    Unlimited number of users.

    Different levels of authorization — administrative user and regular users.

    With Telema PDM

    Create invoice based on received order and your own master data — product and price info.

    Create invoice based on your own master data without receiving the order.

    Create credit invoices.

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