Telema PDM – Product Data Management


Telema Product Data Management (Telema PDM) enables 100% up-to-date product, price and assortment information in your EDI document exchange, using master data.

Master Data is reference data about products, prices and customer assortments — product codes, descriptions, addresses, etc.


Telema PDM ensures that all received or sent documents can be automatically processed by your business software, as missing or wrong data can be modified based on product master data. For example, product names can be added based on product codes.

Telema PDM is also a prerequisite for using several Telema advanced products:

  • Telema VMI

  • Telema TeleSales

  • Telema WebShop

  • Telema MMT

  • Telema WebSupplier 2DOC
  • Telema WebSupplier 4DOC
  • Telema eProcurement

Using Telema PDM allows to find and repair errors on transactional documents (orders, invoices) based on product and price data, leading to higher data accuracy and faster data processing.

How it works?

  • Fill product names based on product codes on orders/invoices
  • Fill product units on orders/invoices
  • Fill supplier/buyer product code on orders/invoices
  • Replace supplier/buyer product code with GTIN/EAN codes
  • ... and so on ...

Telema PDM versions

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