MMT 1.56.2


Telema MMT new version -
additional features and opportunities

The new version of Telema MMT will serve you even better in your daily sales activities. Before upgrading, please take your time to read the overview of version 1.56.2 listing new possibilities and features. We also recommend you to try out all the new features to act like an expert in working situations later on.

How to upgrade?

Take these easy steps to upgrade your application:
  1. Open Telema MMT application in your mobile device
  2. Click Menu on your device and choose Settings
  3. Click on the version number in upper right corner of the screen
  4. On confirmation screen „Upgrade?“ choose „Yes“
  5. In new window „Renew the application“ choose „OK“
  6. Select „Install“
  7. Click „Open“ - the program will start
  8. Don’t forget to update the data!

Important for users of version 1.25.17
Please send all the unsent documents before upgrading! Should it happen that the application fails during the upgrade, uninstall it and reinstall the new version from here

What are the new features?

1. Numeric keyboard - different view for Samsung devices

Point/comma button is in primary view - inserting decimals is now much quicker. When entering a numeric value with decimals, no multiple taps on the buttons are needed. The new keypad will appear in all modules (Orders, Invoices, Visits, Surveys, Merchandising) if a numeric value must be entered.

Point/comma button was previously under symbols “?#+” button now it is in the primary view.
2. Smaller font size

The font size has been reduced throughout the application. This enables to see more data at once, reduces excessive scrolling and decreases the possibility that some data might get overlooked.

Font size with previous version 1.47.4 (left) and new one (right).

3. Additional details for layout photos sent from the Merchandising Module

Pictures contain additional details that are stamped on the upper-left corner of the photo. 
  • Photos sent from company card contain: customer code and customer name, date and time, name of the sales agent.
  • Photos sent from product card contain: customer code and customer name, product GTIN, product code and product name, date and time, name of the sales agent.

Information stamped on the photo taken from company card (left) and product card (right). 
After the photo is sent via one channel (eg email), the application also asks whether the user wishes to send the same photo again via another channel (eg Dropbox). Administrative user has the possibility to pre-set the email(s) where the photos will be sent to (in Telema service web under MMT Settings) so that the sales agents don’t have to type them in every time.
Picture filename now also includes customer name plus date and time. The same filename is also the subject of the email when the photo is sent via email.

4. OOS reason and comment in Merchandising Module

Add a reason and a comment when registering out of stock (OOS) from a pre-set list. The list can be composed by an administrative user in Telema ServiceWeb under MMT Settings. The reason and comment can be recorded and sent without ticking the OOS box, ie there could be still some products left on the shelves.

Merchandising module with (bottom) and without (top) reason and comment fields.

5. Strict or voluntary settings in Ordering Module

Minimum amount to be ordered - setting can be changed from Strict to Voluntary by administrative user in Telema ServiceWeb under MMT Settings.
  • If the setting is Strict, then the quantity on the order is not saved until the amount is equal or bigger than the set minimum amount. A warning message will keep appearing until the amount is corrected.
  • If the setting is Voluntary, then it is possible to order less than the minimum amount. In that case, the displayed warning message is only informative and the lesser amount will still be saved on the document.

Warning message is also displayed in the product list view. 

6. View document history on product and company card with PARHIS

It is now possible to view the documents in history of orders and deliveries. Sales agents can easily check the orders made. The data appears on customer card as well as on product card. For example, if the previous order is opened on product card, it shows the order which contained that specific product but also shows what else was ordered by that customer. The feature is available to those clients who send PARHIS (Partner History) document via MMT.

The underlined documents can be opened and looked at.

The full list of products and amounts are displayed.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • When GLN product code is sent to MMT, it is now also added to documents generated from MMT.
  • CRM document (in Visits module): comments sent with visit report now arrive properly - info tags in XML document were fixed.
  • Documents have a unique ID number that is used by Telema system to detect duplicates. Prevention of duplicates enhances data reliability and security.