Telema VMI


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) 

Telema VMI service allows supplier to collect real-time sales data and stock balances of its products at retailers’ shops. Telema VMI online module gives compact overview of the sales and stock balances at every shop. The report analyses the data, calculating various indicators such as days of sales outstanding (DSO), average sales etc. Use of Telema VMI increases sales through reduced stock-outs and decreases costs due to lower inventory levels. Telema VMI solution leads to more accurate forecasting, fewer errors and returns and true collaboration between supplier and retailer, as well as happier end-customers.


  • Increase in sales and revenues
  • Increase in inventory turns
  • Reduction in stock-outs
  • Better production and sales forecasting
  • Increase in customer service level
  • Quicker new product introductions
  • More time for more value-adding purchasing/sales activities
  • Less human data entry errors
  • Lower inventory levels in the whole supply chain
  • Reduced supply chain costs
  • Enhanced collaboration and integration with trading partners


  • Get up-to-date information on stock-levels at store level
  • Get a quick overview of sales for the period, average daily sales and days of sales (DOS)
  • Filter out goods that need to be replenished in the days to come 
  • Filter out goods that have not been sold for a while and analyze the reasons
  • Monitor inventory, sales reports and shipment documents and analyze trends

How it works?
  • Seller and buyer agree on
    • assortment,
    • minimum and maximum quantities for each product at buyers and
    • how often the replenishment will take place
  • Regular sales and inventory reports are sent from buyer to seller via Telema system (daily, weekly or 
    other possibilities). 
  • Supplier generates the order, based on real-time sales reports and inventory data, thus enabling optimal product availability for the end-consumer. 
  • Delivery notes and invoices will also be electronically sent to buyer.