June 18, 2013
13.06.2013 Business breakfast and seminar - what is new in EDI and SFA?
Last week Telema organized a morning seminar in Riga to discuss the latest developments in electronic document interchange and to introduce the newest sales force automation solutions.
Latvian suppliers were invited to a business breakfast in hotel "Islande". The seminar program included an overview of EDI trends and developments worldwide and Baltic Region in particular. Latvian Sales Manager, Valdis Zitars explained the 4-document supply process, that is gaining popularity among major retailers in the Baltics.

Second part of the seminar was dedicated to sales force automation solutions. Product Manager Sven Uustalu presented Telema MMT - the newest service as a solution concept that eases significantly work of the sales agents and makes the sales process much more efficient. To read more about Telema MMT, follow the link.

The event had also a practical touch - all participants had a chance to download Telema MMT mobile application and try out a role of a salesperson filling in a survey. Many questions were asked and answered during that morning session. Stay tuned for more similar events on different EDI topics in 2013.
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