March 21, 2015
19.03.2015 E-document solutions as means to improve processes in the supply chain
Telema presented at the seminar organized by Lithuanian Innovation and Quality Management Association (LKVIA). The event in Kaunas was dedicated to different aspects of EDI - solutions, legal regulations and practical requirements. More than 70 participants appreciated both the theory as well as the real-life examples given on the topics.
Some of the themes discussed at the seminar were:
  • Accuracy and efficiency problems of orders and billing
  • Paper and PDF document processing and handling costs
  • Innovative e-document solutions
  • Retailers' requirements to suppliers for the use of e-documents
  • Legal regulation of e-documents.
The purpose of the event was to show the potential of supply chain process optimization. Participants were demonstrated that automation of these processes minimizes the number of errors, saves time and workplace costs.

Besides Telema, the seminar featured presenters from LKVIA, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Infobalt, Dreigsas and Maxima.
More information and participants' feedback (in Lithuanian) can be found on LKVIA homepage.

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