September 04, 2015
04.09.2015 The latest Telema Certified Partner is Astro Baltics OÜ
Astro Baltics' customers, those using the ERP NOOM, can now easily access Telema EDI services through their business software. The EDI services are made accessible by the Telema EDI Module developed by Astro Baltics OÜ.
The new functionality enable software users in the sales organizations to receive electronic orders and receive advices, as well as send electronic invoices and despatch advices directly from the ERP. In the purchase processes the software users can handle electronic purchase orders, invoices as well as send sales reports to the suppliers. Trade documentation interchange happens without having to retype any of the data manually. The supply processes become more convenient and faster for all trade partners.

For Astro Baltics' clients the standard Telema EDI Module activation in the NOOM software takes five working days and costs 200 €. As the NOOM ERP is often used in case of rather advanced purchase and sales processes, we suggest to consult Astro Baltics' and Telema specialists to determine the customized activation terms.

In the Baltics, there are currently 21 Telema Certified Partners, 12 of them in Estonia, six in Latvia and three in Lithuania. Take a closer look at the Telema Certified Partners and their activation terms.

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