January 14, 2016
14.01.2016 SIA Latinsoft becomes Telema Certified Partner
In December 2015, Telema issued another partner certificate to SIA LatInSoft, one of the leading IT-companies in Latvian easternmost region Latgale. SIA Latinsoft earned the certificate by integrating Telema EDI Module into their ERP GrinS 5. All users of that software have now effortless and cost efficient access to Telema EDI services.
Telema EDI Module in Latinsoft's GrinS 5 software fully supports electronic data interchange in 2-document supply process. GrinS 5 programme is suitable for both, suppliers and retailers, and enables to send and receive electronic orders and invoices directly from the software. Trade document transfer does not require double data entry. The use of EDI eliminates the need to send documents via e-mail or print them out on paper.

Telema EDI Module in Latinsoft GrinS 5 software can be activated during two working days. The activation cost is 42 Euros. Telema EDI Module in the ERP makes purchase and sales processes faster for all trade partners in the supply chain.

To this date, in the Baltics there are 28 Telema Certified Partners, 11 of them in Latvia, including SIA LatInSoft.

Read more about Telema Certified Partners' activation terms.

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